Seasonal Blend
Weight: 1 lb
Blend: Ecuador Pichincha/Colombia Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Buttercream, Crackerjack, Graham Cracker.

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Limited Edition Roast. A seasonal blend of Ecuador Pichincha and Mistico Bourbon coffees from Colombia. Tasting notes of Buttercream, Crackerjack, and Graham Cracker.

The facilities here are unusual, unlike any coffee roasting company I have visited before. There are a few areas that are off-limits, I guess Redshift Corporate are very secretive about some of their technology but everyone here is really friendly – though the Roast Masters have all taken a vow of silence so I don’t know much about them.

My predecessor left behind a number of samples that I am excited to get through. He clearly was very knowledgeable and selective although he appears to have left rather abruptly. I have asked around about who he was, thinking that I may have met him before. No one will give me an answer, only a blank stare for a moment then they change the subject.

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Weight 1 lbs