39°54’23.39″ N -74°37’8.99″ W
Weight: 1 lb
Variety: Seattle-style dark roast.





Old-school Seattle-style dark roast coffee to heighten the senses. Prepare the auras, balance the quantum field of experience.

You would not be reading this if you had not already penetrated half-way to the ICS. You have been searching for us without knowing it; following oblique references in xeroxed marginal ‘samsidat” publications, mystical pamphlets, and mail order courses in “Kaos Magick”. You’ve been following the paper trail and a coded series of rumors spread at street level, or perhaps through various obscure mimeographed technical papers. Maybe you found us through through pure synchronicity and the pursuit of dreams. In any case we know something about you, your interests, deeds and desires, works and days – and we know your address.

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Weight 1 lbs