Seasonal Blend
Weight: 1 lb
Blend: Costa Rica Sonora/Mexico Muxbal

Tasting Notes: Sugarcane, kiwi, pink grapefruit.

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A seasonal blend of Natural Processed coffee from the Sonora Estate in Costa Rica and Finca Muxbal in Mexico. Juicy notes abound in this limited time creation. We are tasting Sugarcane, Kiwi and Pink Grapefruit. Sweetness increases as the cup cools.



Beyond the word-house and sky-hung mountain,

Rain-frayed light burnishes the dusk-edged hour.

One can read the tossed owl bones as empty-handed,

Meaning not yet or try again, can cast forth into a future,

A dust-narrative of loose snow.

Each is the same burden:

Not yet and try again – the lintel flame licked,

Sleep banked in cold ash, a room furnished with smoke.

Each word on the page burned illegible.

But no matter, you know the story by heart.

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Weight 1 lbs