El Tololoche Guatemala


14°24’59.99″ N -90°06’60.00″ W

Weight: 1 pound

Tasting Notes: Fudge, blueberry, strawberry, grape juice

Variety: Marsellesa

Process: Natural/Dry Processed

Altitude: 1600m – 1800msl


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Jaime Sanchez has a loud booming voice and a contagious laugh. He is 41 years old and his eyes sparkle when he talks about his farm or farms. While in land he has about 70ha but the problem is that is all small little pieces of land in different altitudes and regions. He grows Pache San Ramon, Catuai, Caturra, Costa Rica – 95, and Marsellesa. This specific lot comes from the skirt of the Jumaytepece volcano and is 100% Marsellesa. Jaime’s full time job is working for the ministry of agriculture, but it is clear where his passion lies.

The name TO LO LO CHE comes from a truck… When Jaime was 13 his dad came back from working in Mexico with a truck. He gave the truck to Jaime as a gift. A few years later Jaime sold the truck and used the money to buy his first little plot of coffee which was about 2 hectares. The name stuck and that was his first little planting. From there they have weathered the storms of leaf rust, low prices, and other coffee farming challenges. His dad had 12 kids so as soon as Jaime could start making money he did.

Jaime and his son work closely together. They keep track of everything. Every little plot and variety is of course memorized. They also know the yield and quality of every picking. Jaime is one of the most data driven farmers we have met.

Country of Origin Guatemala
Region Jumaytepeque, Santa Rosa
Producer Type Single Estate
Farm Name El Tololoche
Processing Natural/Dry Processed
Processing Description Fermented 16-36 hrs, sun-dried on patios or parabolic dryer
Growing Altitude 1600m – 1800m
Bag Weight 69 KG BAG
Bag Type Grain Pro / Ecotact
Plant Species Arabica
Variety Marsellesa
Certifications Organic certified


We are in accord then? asked Destinova as they continued to gaze into the black mirror.

As X stared he was filled with conviction and purpose. All those years of activism, marches, occupy, what had they accomplished? Nothing. Humanity’s addiction to capitalism was hellbent on destroying this world. His satori came while meditating during the pandemic lockdown. Only this global shutdown gave a brief reprieve to nature. A small respite from humanity’s greed. He realized there would be no great awakening, no enlightenment of all beings. We were the pestilence, the cancer, the blight on the earth. His was now the path of madness, the path of the R’lyehian, the Cthulhusattva.

Where will everyone go? He asked.

Into the void, he replied.

Where they belong.

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Weight 1 lbs