Blue Ayarza Guatemala


14°24’59.99″ N -90°06’60.00″ W

Weight: 1 pound

Tasting Notes: Grape, berry, big body, chocolate, black licorice

Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Pache

Process: carbonic maceration

Altitude: 1400-1900 msl


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Laguna de Ayarza (Lake Ayarza) is a crater lake in the Santa Rosa department of Guatemala. It is known locally as Laguna Azul (Blue Lake). Formed around 20,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. The lake is located at 1,400 meters. According to local legend, the true nature of the lake is far more mysterious and some believe it is connected to ocean as the actual depth remains unknown. We do know Lake Ayarza is in a remote location and access is difficult, keeping the lake and surround area in pristine condition. The lake is only 30 minutes from the mill where we buy coffee from more than 1000 small producers in the area. Carbonic maceration is a wine-making technique that uses whole grapes instead of crushing. This process helps fermentation and produces a fruity, acidic wine. The same applies to coffee. The whole cherry is added to the fermentation tank and sealed from oxygen for the carbonic maceration process.



We are in accord then? asked Destinova as they continued to gaze into the black mirror.

As X stared he was filled with conviction and purpose. All those years of activism, marches, occupy, what had they accomplished? Nothing. Humanity’s addiction to capitalism was hellbent on destroying this world. His satori came while meditating during the pandemic lockdown. Only this global shutdown gave a brief reprieve to nature. A small respite from humanity’s greed. He realized there would be no great awakening, no enlightenment of all beings. We were the pestilence, the cancer, the blight on the earth. His was now the path of madness, the path of the R’lyehian, the Cthulhusattva.

Where will everyone go? He asked.

Into the void, he replied.

Where they belong.

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