Faster Than Light


Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics

Nick Herbert

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We can think of no better description for this handy volume than from Emory Cranston, former proprietor of the Inculabula Rare Books Catalog:


“Some of the theorists who touch on the Many-Worlds “hypothesis” place too much emphasis on time distortions and the implication of “time travel.” These, of course, seem present in the theorems but in practice have turned out (so far) to be of little consequence. Chaos Theory places much more emphasis on the temporal directionality than most quantum theory (with such exceptions as R. Feynman and his “arrow of time”), and offers strong evidence for the past-present-future evolution that we actually experience. As K. Sohrawardi puts it, “the universe is in a state of Being, true, but that state is not static in the way suggested by the concept of ‘reversibility’ in Classical physics. The ‘generosity’ of Being, so to speak, is becoming, and the result is not reversibility but muliplicity, the immeasurable resonant chaos – like fecundity of creation.” Nevertheless, Herbert’s second book is a brilliant speculative work – and it led him directly to a certain circle of scientists and body of research concerned with dimensional travel, rather than “time travel”, with the result that his third book (see Inculabula Catalog) finally struck pay-dirt.”