Finca Cruz Loma, Ecuador


0° 10′ 50.3508” S 78° 28′ 4.2024” W

Weight: 1 pound

Tasting Notes: Mango, Meyer Lemon, Sweet Tarts

Variety: Typica, Sidra CJ1475

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Altitude: 1450msl


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Finca Cruz Loma, run by Galo Morales and Maria Alexandra Rivera. In recent years Galo’s name has appeared in various regional and national cupping competitions in Ecuador, if not all-out winning then certainly placing top 3, and setting multiple price records to boot. This year, Morales is the proud first-place champion of Ecuador’s national quality competition, the Taza Dorada.

Finca Cruz Loma is a 350-hectare plot in the community of San José de Minas, a small town in the northwestern part of Pichincha, a short trip north of Quito. The estate has been in Galo’s family going back 80 years. Galo’s experience in coffee began 20 years ago working alongside his mother on the farm; he would go on to work professionally in the coffee sector, for exporters and as a project manager, before returning to full-time farming. In Galo’s words, “cultivating my coffee is an activity that allows me to apply and develop the skills and habits I’ve learned over the years; it’s also an essential resource for my family, since my wife, my daughters, and myself are all involved with the production and marketing of our coffee. Everybody in the family has a critical role in the coffee’s success.” Like so many of Ecuador’s best coffee producers, he is constantly pushing boundaries and striving for better results: constant experimentation between altitudes, soil types, and cutting-edge plant care techniques are part of what makes his farm successful.0.1465° S, 78.4752° W

Are you looking for juicy tropical notes balanced by a cup so clean as to be described as immaculate? This is the coffee for you. Finca Cruz Loma is known for its award-winning coffee, and this anaerobic washed lot is no exception. The list of fruits we found in this coffee is extensive: berries, mango, Meyer lemon, clean strawberry, blood orange, and fruit punch. The sweetness is honeyed and vibrant, the mouthfeel irrefutably clean, the finish leaves a hint of lemongrass on the tongue.



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Weight 1 lbs