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Our Story

You are a searcher. You thirst for something beyond conventional coffee. You seek the truly rare and extraordinary. You have guessed another dimension veiled from this world as a shadow, a memory, a forgotten realm. A Mundus Imaginos. It is a hidden world unspoiled – where true specialty coffee is waiting to be discovered.

We are the specialty coffee apostasy. We are purposely mystifying and obscuring craft coffee. We intend to disrupt the coffee industry with Kaos Magick. We promise to deceive you to our true origins and purpose. We believe in allegory and apophany. Through artifice we reveal truth.

What seems to be is not.

Behind closed eyes realize your sight.

Our Origins

The Redshift Institute of Heretical Sciences was formed in 2017 by a small group of fugitive researchers and former travel-cult hierophants. The Institute engaged in an intensive curriculum of sigil meditation, cartomancy divination, and quantum incantations to successfully develop the Sonic Field Generator: The first stable Trans-dimensional Express Gateway to the only truly sustainably produced coffee – Java2.

Our Esoteric Order of Roast Masters employ a proprietary amalgamation of science and sorcery, performing arcane alchemical pyrolysis to these carefully sourced origins. Thermal reactivity is convectively transferred by an innovative patented process (US Patent #3,964,175) to ensure an ideal Maillard reaction for sugar polymerization and caramelization.

By salamander, drake and the power that is undine.

Rise to claim Saturn, ring and sky.

Why Redshift?

Profane coffee roasters rely on mundane travel and conventional importer/producer relationships to establish supply chains. Redshift utilizes advanced hermetic technology – first explicated by a breakaway group of renegade occult scientists operating out of a defunct ashram – in order to bend reality, bypass time and space, and create a more direct than Direct Trade – Cryptic Trade.

Cryptic Trade is the pinnacle expression of all alternative trade networks as it allows pan-dimensional producer relations through metaphase dialogue – a transformative relationship to source the rarest and most unique coffees from parallel worlds.

We know the secrets of the circuitry mind.

It’s a flaming wonder telepath.