Our Story

We are here.

You have searched for us without knowing. Yet you have known. A presence of another world. Unseen. You have guessed another dimension veiled from this world as a shadow, a memory, a forgotten city. A mundus imaginos.

The physical presence of Redshift may not be perceived in standard dimensions, but through cartomancy divination, forbidden alchemy and black telescopes the manifestation of Redshift is made known.

By salamander, drake, and the power that was undine, by those who see with their eyes closed.

We know a thing or two.

Our Origins

The origins of Redshift coffee are shrouded in mystery, hotly contested among the more devoted acolytes of occult phenomenological studies. Some contend that it is folly to undertake such investigations, while others argue that Redshift itself does not exist.

Experiments have failed too many times, transformations too hard to find. Indeed, there is no known physical presence of Redshift, the coffee seemingly manifesting itself by some arcane magic. Recent investigations suggest that it may be an as yet classified uncontained anomaly.

Just because something isn’t real doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Why Redshift?

Here is what others are saying about Redshift:

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