Analog Days


Analog Days by Trevor Pinch

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Analog Days is a comprehensive account of the history of analog synthesizers. We particularly enjoyed the early development history on the west coast with Buchla and many of the engineers from the “happenings” days that went on to spend time in the Pine Barrens Ashram. The author obviously was unaware of the Monas-block Thaumaturgic Amplifier combined the Bucla Box Intentional Enveloping oscillator/sequencer to produce the first stable trans-dimensional gateway. It is possible that the author may have been aware but kept this part out due to his own safety.

The seventies were the halcyon days for high-end stereo equipment. We shifted our development away from live performance oriented amplifiers to smaller, more portable “prosumer” devices. We found willing dealers in the myriad of stereo shops where in the back room, catering to affluent customers, our monas-block amplifiers reigned supreme; delivering a steady supply of dollars to fund our research. This proved to also be an effective recruitment tool for like-minded engineers, toiling away in the service department as they realized the potential of our proprietary thaumaturgic components. Modern alchemical wizards hidden in plain sight in the back rooms of stereo shops that dotted the country‚Äôs strip malls.

It was just such a place where a young curious person just discovering the darker arts of electricity could discover in those back rooms a portal to another dimension beyond the ordinary. When the stars are right, the young adept is transformed as the soundstage gives way to the sonic field. They sit with eyes closed and see as the waves of energy envelope their field.

While the equipment was destined for the living rooms of doctors and their wives, a great conversion for the incorrupted eyes as these back rooms became a workshop of black telescopes.