Mark Shreeve

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Track listing:

1 Redshift 18:44

2 Spin 8:26

3 Shine 4:02

4 Blueshift 33:05


Sandy got a lot of things right, even if his motives may have been questionable. He had delved deeply into the whole alchemical incantations thing but he was limited to his attachment to the electric guitar. Electric guitars by themselves didn’t have the necessary amplitude, they could only take you so far. He felt if he could just get the mastering right, the quantum field would follow. It was a dead end. The gateway, when established, was small and unstable.

Perhaps it was for the best. There are things on the other side that should not be allowed to our world. Some might think this world is unredeemable, but there are worse things out there that seek to subdue all under their power. It is a risk every time we use the gateway and for this reason it must be protected.

Mark, on the other hand, was a true audio wizard. We have here his first album that he put out under the moniker Redshift, an obvious nod to his occult intentions. Each track builds on the frequency sine wave intentionality function to stabilize gateway passage. His live happenings were a break-through for travel cult enthusiasts, allowing for freedom of movement never before realized.