Yucatan2 Obsidian Mirror


Yucatan2 Obsidian Mirror

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Found on an early expedition to Yucatan2, these perfectly spherical obsidian disks have the inherent ability for metaphase viewing. We collected as many as we could carry believing we could come back for more. But when we returned they had all mysteriously disappeared.

A word of caution in using these black mirrors. While most experiences have been without concern, we would be remiss in not warning of potential contact with the creatures inhabiting Earth2. The residents of Java2 strongly suggest avoiding these creatures, whom they call “lemures” and we have simply referred to as “invisible ones”. They warn that these creatures can be dangerous. We had one former traveler (let’s call him X) who became obsessed with these creatures to the point that we had no choice but to terminate his employment with us. The residents of Java2 have had to go to great lengths to protect themselves and we believe the travelers that have gone missing during expeditions may be due to these creatures.

Some believe the creatures to be the original builders of the many monuments found throughout Earth2. Others suggest they may be the reason for the absence of human life there and may have eliminated the original builders. This will require further study on future expeditions.

We offer these without warranty, use at your own risk. We are not liable for any negative experiences. If you are approached by someone expressing an undo amount of interest in the creatures of Earth2 we advise you to avoid them at all costs.