Yucatan2 Obsidian Mirror


Item: Yucatan2 Obsidian Mirror

Object Class: Safe

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Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in a locked room with access limited to Redshift Institute personnel. The object is not to be used by any unauthorized persons and use of the object must be documented in the Institute Log.

Description: Item is a spherical obsidian disk measuring approximately 7.9 inches in circumference and polished to a high gloss.

Found on an early expedition to Yucatan2, these perfectly spherical obsidian disks have the inherent ability for metaphase viewing between Earth2 and EarthPrime allowing for communications between worlds. The simplest method is to set up a typewriter on both sides allowing for an exchange in real time. It is critical to have already established a known connection to eliminate the possibility of contact with unknown creatures who may inhabit Earth2.

The residents of Java2 strongly suggest avoiding these creatures, whom they call “lemures” and we have simply referred to as “invisible ones”. They warn that these creatures can be dangerous. We had one former traveler (let’s call him X) who became so obsessed with these creatures that we had no choice but to terminate his employment with us. The residents of Java2 have had to go to great lengths to protect themselves and we believe the travelers that have gone missing during expeditions may be due to these creatures.

Some believe the creatures to be the original builders of the abandoned monuments found throughout Earth2. Others speculate they may be the reason for the absence of human life there and may have eliminated the original builders. The Institute is currently engaged in researching this phenomena and recommends travelers to avoid these monuments until more is known.

The Foundation has linked this object to SCP-034. Beyond the two objects being made from the same material we have no reason to believe that these objects are related beyond the fact that the aforementioned former traveler was in possession of SCP-034 and their whereabouts are unknown. It has come to our attention that this person is attempting to gain control of the Institute’s Gateway to Earth2 for their own purposes. Be advised that this person may take many guises.

The Institute has had a tenuous relationship with the Foundation, beyond their questionable management practices and leadership. Some within the Institute maintain that the Foundation may have been behind the ill-fated raid on the Pine Barrens Ashram. The Foundation has denied any involvement in said raid but there are too many tell-tale signs of Foundation tactics used during the incident that have the markings of management’s ham-fisted ways.