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(Portland, Oregon USA) A new coffee shop opens today in Southeast Portland billing itself as the first Fourth Wave coffee shop in the world, pioneering a new model in retail coffee. The new store, called The Cupping Room, attempts to recreate the environment of a cupping contest by offering coffee only in sample form. Customers are allowed to purchase a cupping spoon and slurp and spit a variety of seasonal coffees. “Most third wave coffee shops pride themselves in their limited offerings, the best refusing cream and sugar,” Elliot Frenton, The Cupping Rooms manager said. “We wanted to take it to the next level and offer our coffees as they are supposed to be experience, on the cupping table.” Elliot went on to explain, “Great coffee shouldn’t be consumed, it should only be tasted.”

The new model represents a culmination of efforts by industry professionals who, for a long time, looked down on the consuming pubic. “Customers don’t really know how to properly enjoy coffee,” one expert explained. “Its up to us to educate them.”

The new store will feature an array of coffee samples from around the world, emphasizing natural processed coffees in micro-lots of 1 bag or less. Customers are provided spit cups and those who choose to swallow their samples will be held in contempt and ridiculed just as soon as they leave the store. The store will also feature music from reel to reel tapes since vinyl is so over.