Decaf Seance Espresso


47°09’ S, 123°43’ W
Weight: 1 lb
Variety: Seattle-style Espresso
Tasting Notes: Dark Liquor


This is a decaf version of our time tested espresso blend. Old-school Seattle-style espresso beans with a medium body that is sweet with a hint of dark liquor. Swiss Water Process from Fairtrade Certified coffees.


“You are going to require experience and immersion in the world of nonchalance. To do so you must have the proper currency. United States coins and folding money do not operate in the sphere of nonchalance. I repeat, your standard money is unacceptable for nonchalant transactions. The currency of nonchalance is the ’hobo coin.’ Superficially resembling a wooden nickel, this is an ultra-rare currency of unknown value. […] It can be acquired from various local street personalities, so-called bums and buskers … inheritors of the hobo tradition. These could be street prophets, apparent lunatics, but they are your source of hobo currency.”


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Weight 1 lbs