Finca Muxbal Mexico


15º04’38”N, 92º04’12.3”W
Weight: 1 lb
Tasting Notes: Orange, Key Lime, Apple Crisp
Variety: Caturra, Mondo Novo, Catuai
Process: Natural Processed, Patio Dried
Altitude: 2200m

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The Estate has an extension of 236 hectares bordering Guatemalan territory, about half of it is planted with coffee; the other half is an ecological reserve of primary rainforest, protecting rivers, springs, flora and fauna. The rich volcanic soil, good environmental practices, shade three grown coffee creates a microclimate that provides an extraordinary coffee cup and excellent production.



One strange thing I noticed in the Cupping Lab was an old typewriter with a black disk above it. On the paper in the typewriter was a message welcoming me to Redshift. I was told that if I wanted any specific coffee to type in the coordinates here. I guess someone from corporate comes by and takes the paper or something. I am not sure how it works.


Okay, that’s weird . . . The typewriter just started typing by itself.

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Weight 1 lbs