37°14’07.05″N, 115°49’08.76″W
Weight: 1 lb
Variety: Seattle-style dark roast.


Old-school Seattle-style dark roast coffee to heighten the senses. A blend of South American high grown arabica coffee. Bold, full strength coffee with notes of cocoa.

A perfect coffee for to warm the soul. Easy to drink, full of ideal flavor. A great companion for deep reading and researching.

What we wish to stress is that there are Manifold ways of accessing parallel worlds such as Earth2. We recognize we are not alone in this endeavor. Through our years of research and study we have met many who have travelled extensively by use of meditation techniques, alchemical transformation and experimental pharmacology. These travels have almost without exception been purely psychical. What the Institute has manifested is something many times greater. The development of the stable Trans-dimensional Gateway Express allows for the free movement of persons and goods physically between our world to Earth2.

This breakthrough is not without its dangers as we have discovered. What appeared to be a primordial copy of our world, minus humans, has since become evident of something far more mysterious. Ancient monuments exist throughout Earth2, some perfectly intact, others crumbling. Who were the builders? Where have they gone. Did they leave? The Institute began sending research teams to Earth2 in an attempt to answer these questions. This research we have come to call  Cryptarchaeoxenotheology.

This research has not come without a cost. There have been members of our team who have gone missing, whether through invisible forces or madness we are not certain. Earth2 may be devoid of human habitation by design, and our presence there may be upsetting to that design. Earth2 may be devoid of humans, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t inhabited. We continue with our research with this in mind.

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Weight 1 lbs