Seance Espresso


44°55’12.00″N, 63°22’20”W
Weight: 1 lb
Variety: Seattle-style Espresso
Tasting Notes: Dark Liquor


Old-school Seattle-style espresso beans with a medium body that is sweet with a dark anise finish.

Brewing temperature should be around 193-194°F at 9 bars. We recommend 18 grams for a 1.5 ounce shot, excluding crema. There is a wide time window to work with on the bar – shot times range from 18 to 28 seconds. You know you got it right when you taste a nice anise finish in the cup.


Who is this Brother X Ezra refers to? Is there any relation to Traveler X? There are too many synchronicities to be coincidental. Judge for yourself, listen to Ezra’s “Autobiography”.

Despite Traveler X’s protestations, we ARE concerned with climate change in this world. And we wish to state unequivocally that we are not exploiting Java2 merely for our own profit. This is not a Max Havelaar thing. Traveler X’s statements are pure hyperbole.

We stand by our position that the only way to ethically and sustainably source true specialty coffee is from an unspoiled parallel world. That’s what we do. Are we using Kaos Magick? Sure, it is how we obtain the rarest and most unique coffees.

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Weight 1 lbs