Gakenke Rwanda


1°44.111’S, 29°51.4153’E, 14°08’52.3”N, 88°01’07.0”W
Weight: 1 lb
Tasting Notes: Nectarine, Honeysuckle, Gardenia
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Full Wet, Patio Dried
Altitude: 2200m

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Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Coffee Cooperative. The Hingakawa (“Let’s Grow Coffee”) Association is actually only one half of the Abakundakawa-Rushashi (“Those Who Love Coffee”) Cooperative which was formed in 2004, becoming the first women’s farmer association of its kind in Rwanda. The other half of Abakundakawa Rushashi is the Dakundakawa (“We love Coffee”) Association, also 100% run by women. Both associations are located in the northern, mountainous regions of the Gakenke district, situated at 1700-1900 meters elevation and spread across five distinct zones.

This Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Coffee is a bourbon varietal, washed and sun dried. This coffee from Hingakawa is the real life representation of the sacrifice and resolve of the female cooperative members who were daring enough to plant seeds of hope on the very same Rwanda hilltops where many lost their lives in a violent civil war. The two co-op associations employ both Hutu and Tutsi women, the two tribes who were infamously at the center of the heart wrenching conflict. After Rwanda’s coffee producing farms were for a time left deserted, several organizations began to assist in restarting production.

Hingakawa, as the name suggests, is more of a chant than it is a mere statement; it is a resolution to fight against poverty rather than each other, and with this sentiment they have been able to move forward and heal their community through cooperation and leadership. The journey of both the producers and product are fully traceable by a third party traceability verifier. The details to chain of custody tracking allow us to recognize the incredible women of the Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Coffee Coop and understand what makes this coffee as special as it tastes.


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Weight 1 lbs