Pink Bourbon Colombia


3°22’40.01”N, 74°48’28.08″W


Bright, strawberry starburst, orange, sweet lemonade

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Red and yellow bourbon combine to create the Pink Bourbon hybrid, a coffee unique in appearance and flavor profile. Farmers must carefully manage crop placements to ensure the proper cross-pollination of cherries that can range in color from light red to soft orange. During harvest, pickers must pay extra attention because determining ripeness requires some inspection and isn’t as simple as choosing only the reddest cherries. This challenging process produces complex flavors.

The double fermentation process involves an intital fermentation in cherry for 30 to 40 hours, followed by traditional pulping and a second, 18 to 36 hour period of fermentation in tanks before the coffee is then sun-dried on patios or parabolic driers.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Producer: 10 Small Holder Farmers

Processing: Washed, Double Fermentation

Altitude: 1500m – 1900 msl

Variety: Pink Bourbon



It’s possible we made a mistake traveling to Java2. While it’s true that we have yet to encounter another human wherever we have gone, it’s not fair to say the place is uninhabited. For one thing there remains these abandoned cities. Well, not cities per se, more like grand monument complexes. Empty. Somebody had to build them. But where are they? The original travelers from the ICS swear there is nothing to fear – that this world is an unspoiled paradise. Then again many of them have gone quite mad. There is no denying there is a presence here. You can always sense it. Eidolons in the shadows. It’s like we have woken something.

Something Ancient



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